A cowboy church is a church for those who are cowboy or country at heart.

A cowboy church is Christ-centered, family oriented, non-traditional, and non-judgmental.

A cowboy church proclaims the message of Jesus Christ in a way that is relevant to, and focused on, those who adhere to
the Western Heritage culture.

A cowboy church is one where the decor, attire, music, and methods are easily identifiable as "cowboy." It's a hat and boots
event for the cowboy or country at heart.

A cowboy church accepts these basic facts:
.  Jesus Christ came to earth as the incarnate God, God in the flesh, the long-expected Messiah, the Savior of mankind.
.  Jesus Christ was crucified, buried, rose on the third day, ascended into Heaven, and will some day return for His church.
.  The Bible is the inerrant, infallible, inspired, unchanging Word of God.
.  The purpose of the church is to worship God, win the lost, and portray the Christian lifestyle.
.  Those who are saved are water baptised as an outward sign of the inward happening.
.  Holy Communion is a symbol of the breaking of the body and spilling of the blood of Jesus Christ for the sins of the world.
.  Eternity is made up of a literal Heaven for those who know Jesus as Lord and a literal Hell for those who reject Him.
In September of 2007, after twelve years of sporadic grown and wildly fluctuating attendance, Pastor Andy Starks was seriously
praying for the future of Cornerstone Christian Ministries, for it didn't look real good. At that time, he and Sis. Femmie Starks
went to Montgomery, Texas and performed a wedding for a cousin at the Lone Star Cowboy Church, pastored by Bro. Randy

Though Bro. Andy had always been a cowboy at heart and was raised on a small farm where he spent much time with horses
and other farm animals, he had never attended a cowboy church. The wedding was on Saturday afternoon, so they stayed over
and attended the unusual and inspirational Sunday morning service. At that time, a spark was ignited in Bro. Andy's heart that
would not go out.

Over the next year or so, much sentiment for the cowboy church concept rose to the surface at Cornerstone. We had always had
a "Family Fun Day" at least once a year; the next two were done with a Western Heritage theme. The church was decorated
appropriately for the morning services and the afternoons were spent at horse farms belonging to different ones in the church
family. Again the enthusiasm was tremendous. Church members began to speak of the possibility of winning their cowboy
friends and family members to Jesus through this type of ministry.

The next event in the chain was the planning of the Cowboy Christmas Revival that would take place at the SugArena just before
Christmas in 2009. Such enthusiasm for this broke out in the church, that a monthly cowboy church service at the SugArena was
begun in June, a full six months before the planned revival! After three of these successful services, there was a great desire in
the congregation to make the transition to a totally cowboy church.

At that time, Bro. Andy went to a cowboy church planting school at the Open Range Cowboy Church in Whitney, Texas that
was put on in conjunction with the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches. When he came back, he shared his experience,
inspiration, and concerns with the congregation and conducted another very successful "Western Theme" day.

All this time, much prayer was going heavenward for the will of God to be very clear in this matter. Soon it became evident that
people were being saved every week through the cowboy ministry in the arena and the Sunday services.

The church board met in September of 2009 and agreed unanimously to present to the entire church their desire to transition to a
cowboy church. Extremely excited about the concept, the congregation, after much prayer, voted unanimously to make the

Looking back on it, we can see the hand of God at every step along the way and, as Bro. Andy often says,
"God blesses what
God does."
The structure of Cornerstone Cowboy Church is based upon 2 Corinthians 3:6, "He (God) has made us competent as ministers
of a new covenant..."

With the philosophy that every member is a minister, Cornerstone Cowboy Church attempts to realize that goal in four ways:

.  The Senior Pastor is the main leader of the church is Bible knowledge, spirit, and example. Though Jesus Christ is the actual  
Head of His church, under Him, the pastor is recognized as the physical, spiritual, and verbal leader of the local church.

.  The Church Board is responsible for the real property of the church and may be consulted on decisions that affect the
fulfillment of the church's mission. This is not a ministerial body but a legal body.

.  The Team Leaders provide leadership for the various ministry teams. Their role is one of facilitator, rather than ruler.

.  The Teams are where the purpose of the ministry is accomplished. It is at the team level that the work gets done, the
enjoyment happens, and success is achieved.  
"What in the world is a cowboy church?"
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