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Here at Cornerstone Cowboy Church, we are striving toward the mark. The mark of excellence and of good stewardship. We are committed to reaching souls with the Good News that Jesus has commanded us to give. In order to do so, we band together with like-minded individuals to form a body of believers. This body of believers believes in giving a tithe back to God and offering to him to show not only obedience but to show gratitude for the things he has done for us and to help others along the way.

Why Give Online?

Some cannot make it to regular services and wish to help us reach others. There are others that simply find it easier and a better way to keep their records straight by utilizing technology. Others wish to just give above and beyond their tithe because they see we are reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Whatever your reason, we ask that you give with a generous and joyous heart.

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